Real quests in the genre of «Get out of the room» (Escape The Room) a new game has already become popular in the world. We offer in one place to learn about all the existing quests. Choose and book the right option.

This adventure is usually for a company from 2 to 4 people . A larger number of people can enter the room and is previously agreed with the administration. It all depends on the room.

The passage of one room on average takes 60 minutes (depending on the selected location). An hour later, the administrator opens the door and the quest is considered not passed.

Experiment! Look for new ways to solve riddles. In order to find the key, or come up with another way to get out of the room, you need to solve various puzzles and solve puzzles.

The progress of the quest is monitored by our administrator (using webcams). He will help you in passing if you have any questions.

If you feel that you are stuck and can not cope, need a hint - use the tips. Help is always there. The number of prompts is limited only by you and your interest.

You do not need to have special knowledge, all you need to win is to be attentive to the details, to think logically, your savvy and a little luck! Not all clues can be immediately noticed and remember physical strength in this game is not required.

Going on an adventure, do not forget to arm yourself with a good mood :) After all, this is how you will get much more pleasure from the game and the accompanying riddles. This is a great opportunity to relax with family and friends . It's time to get out of the room!